• Publication Announcement Campaign

    The Palibrio Publication Announcement Campaign is a quick and easy way to announce your book and jumpstart sales. It will help you target the market that will provide you with the most initial success, the people that you already know.

    Mailing an announcement card is the most effective way to inform the people you know about your book. This attractive announcement card will instantly inform your associates about your latest accomplishment. These likely buyers will have the first opportunity to read your book and suggest the book to others, thereby generating more sales. The announcement card serves as a notification that this book is available for sale now, offering your potential readers a guide to finding your book through any retailer or Palibrio directly.

    Whether you are initiating your first marketing campaign on a new title, re-energizing a previous campaign, or reaching out to a new market, the resulting sales will instantly tell you that your audience is reading and discussing your book. You will foster a readership that wants to know your work and may potentially share it with others, creating a platform that will have lasting benefits throughout your writing and publishing career.

    The Palibrio Publication Announcement Campaign is available for 169€, and includes the design, printing and mailing of 50 postcards to addresses you provide.

    Announce your book, expand your reach, develop loyal customers and create a platform for introducing more of your writing. Simply place an order now and Palibrio will coordinate and execute the rest. To start your campaign today, email serviciosdemarketing@Palibrio.com or call 900-866-949.

  • Start your campaign today, email us at serviciosdemarketing@palibrio.com or call us at 900-866-949.