• The New York Times Sunday Book Review

    What is the New York Times Sunday Book Review?
    The New York Times Sunday Book Review is the weekly paper-magazine supplement to the New York Times, and is considered the nation’s most credible review of good literature. It boasts of a readership of 1.7 million readers per print issue.

    The NYT Sunday Book Review, which houses the widely cited and influential New York Times Bestseller List, has been shaping reading and purchasing lists for generations. This insert appears in the Sunday edition of the New York Times.

    Get your book in front of those that matter – book buyers, reviewers, traditional publishers. Palibrio is proud to fill the pages of this widely read, highly credible and trusted publication. We are sharing this limited advertising opportunity with our authors for 4449€.

    The New York Times Sunday Book Review Package includes:

    • A single slot advertisement, in which your book, book details and a 30-word description will appear alongside Palibrio authors.
    • Publicity Campaign for 100 media outlets ( PRC 100)
    • Social Media Marketing - we set up your profile in top social media network sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Shelfari, Librarything, Goodreads and more.

    What Makes Advertising in The New York Times Successful?
    In summary, The New York Times offers clients access to an unsurpassed audience of affluent, engaged and influential consumers, quality content environments, and “brand halo“, meaning the reputation of the NYT rubs off on the ads seen in their publications. The New York Times brand has always been associated with credibility, trustworthiness and prestige.

    The Sunday Magazine Gets Results:
    Ad effectiveness research (by third-party research company, Vista) details the power of a placement in the Sunday Magazine of The New York Times with the following results:

    • Places Brands at the Top of People’s Minds:
      * Three-quarters of NYT Sunday Magazine readers remembered the brand associated with ads in the Sunday Magazine
    • Builds Brands Recall:
      * Half of readers are able to recall seeing a specific ad in the Sunday Magazine (49%)
    • Influences Consumers to Act:
      * Nearly half of Sunday Magazine readers take action after viewing an ad in the Magazine

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