• Publishers Weekly Marketing Packages

    Reach out to every major publisher worldwide with Publishers Weekly - the industry's periodical of record.

    With more than 130 years in circulation, Publishers Weekly is the leading publication serving all segments involved in the creation, production, marketing and sale of the written word. The prime source of comprehensive news and unique industry data, including bestsellers by multiple categories, book industry statistics, news and more than 7,500 critical book reviews annually, Publishers Weekly has long been recognized as the industry's publication of record.

    Reaching more than 30,000 paid subscribers in bookstores, libraries and publishing, as well as media and literary agents, and movie and studio executives - more than any other publication - Publishers Weekly delivers a total audience of nearly 100,000 of the biggest players in the publishing industry.

    With the Palibrio Publishers Weekly Marketing Packages, you can access this invaluable market, and make sure your book is put before some of the most important people in the publishing and book industry.

    Choose from 6 great packages and an assortment of both print and on-line advertising to make sure that your book reaches the right people.

    Essential Print Package - 2269€

    • Single Print Ad in PW magazine
    • Newswire
    • Press Release Campaign 100

    Essential Online Package - 2919€

    • Email Marketing Campaign - 200,000
    • 2,500 Impressions on PublishersWeekly.com (leaderboard)
    • Boombox ad in PW Daily E-Newsletter

    Primary Package - 4859€

    • Single Print Ad in PW Magazine
    • 2,500 Impressions on PublishersWeekly.com
    • Leaderboard OR Boombox Ad in PW Daily E-Newsletter

    Expert Package - 6479€

    • Double Print Ad in PW Magazine
    • 5,000 Impressions on PublishersWeekly.com (any position)
    • Choice of 1 Ad Position in your choice of E-Newsletter

    Advanced Package - 10119€

    • Half-Page Print Ad in PW Magazine
    • 10,000 Impressions on PublishersWeekly.com (any position)
    • Choice of 1 Ad Position in your choice of E-Newsletter

    Premier Package - 16189€

    • Full-Page Print Ad in PW Magazine
    • 25,000 Impressions on PublishersWeekly.com (any position)
    • Choice of 1 Ad Position in your choice of E-Newsletter

    How it Works:

    Step 1: Start your campaign by simply mailing your downloaded order form to Palibrio’s Marketing Services Department, email serviciosdemarketing@palibrio.com or call 900-866-949 to register your order today.

    Step 2: Make sure you select the E-Newsletter and Ad Position of your choice in the order form.

    Step 3: Palibrio will design the print and online advertisements included in your campaign based on template designs and send them to you for final approval.

    Step 4: Once approved, your print advertisement will appear in the next available issue of Publishers Weekly. For online advertisements, your banner will be queued for the next available slot on the webpage or e-newsletter.

    It's as easy as that.

    The Publishers Weekly Marketing Packages -2269€ to 16189€

    Just fill out the Order Form & Service Agreement and return it to Palibrio’s Marketing Services Department. Our Marketing Consultants are available for free consultation by e-mail at serviciosdemarketing@palibrio.com or telephone at 900-866-949.

  • Start your campaign today, email us at serviciosdemarketing@palibrio.com or call us at 900-866-949.